In the last two months, Team POPONG did the followings.

Politician Dictionary

  • Layout renewal (in progress): Attempted to change from a 2-column to 3-column layout, but decided to go back to 2 columns

    Challenger (left) and Champion (right).
  • Autocomplete(typeahead) in search box
  • Add feature to save favorite politicians to cart
  • Display more personal information of politicians
    • district, job, education, experience, address
    • Separate timeline and trends into new tabs
  • Test GIN(Generalized Inverted Index) index + trigram module: sequential search was faster because the dataset is too small
  • Search by political party affiliation
  • Improve transliteration using Unidecode


  • Database history management through Alembic
  • Refine politician address and district data
    • ex: 경기 부천시원미구을 -> 경기도<Province> 부천시<Municipality> 원미구<Municipality> 을
  • Collect more minutes (Updated crawler)